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History in brief

Artist's Personal Statement:

A little bit of history:      My passion for art started as a child, drawing ballerinas with crayons from a very young age, then in teenage years fascinated by all mediums, I pursued ceramic sculpture while attending Northcote College, Auckland. 'Art' was always my favourite subject.      Married in 1973, and two children later, I managed to establish myself as a professional potter in HawkesBay in the early 1980s, and happy to say I have had a varied and interesting career ever since .   In April 1982, I was pleased to be the recipient of a National Ceramic Award, during the ‘Ceramics 82’ symposium in Auckland.   Later, that same year I also developed an export market for my replica pottery houses in Hawaii, which generated a certain amount of media attention.   ‘Shocked’ best describes my feelings, however, when asked to to take part in a current affairs program to air on nationwide television.    1983 was another amazing year, having one of my unique New Zealand pottery houses presented to Princess Diana, the late Princess of Wales, during the Royal New Zealand Tour in 1983. To have it presented at Government House by the Governor General at that time, Sir David Beattie, was an honour indeed. The resulting thank you note from the Princess, remains a treasured memento.   In three short years, my professional career had got off to a great start.

Mid-way through the 1990s, however, my ceramic career came to an abrupt halt, with the discovery of my brain tumour. I under-went brain-surgery in two short weeks, with a challenging two year recovery. However this time also marked the beginning of my painting, and writing.   Encouraged by others to put my experience into words, I worked on a short story, and was fortunate to have "Thank You Mr Eiffel" published in the Readers Digest August 2001 edition.    To my complete surprise, two weeks following publication, my story jointly topped a poll taken on 30,000 of the magazine’s subscribers. This extrordinary event gave me a wonderful boost.    I'm now convinced that something good can come out of something bad. My painting sustained me during this difficult time, and I have painted up a storm ever since.

Exhibitions, appearances on National television, magazine articles, and speaking engagements kept me busy over the ensuing years. Invitations to exhibit are still comimg in, and now surprised by the extraordinary interest I am currently recieving from International Galleries. A number of supporting New Zealand galleries are also listed below.    It is gratifying to have a renewed demand for my ceramic work. Although I continue to be busy making my houses,I am currently working on transfferring my painting onto a range of domestic ware, and loving it.

I have new domestic ceramic work in the Wallace Trust Gallery Shop, Hillsborough, Auckland. Both ceramic houses and paintings in the "Inspirit Gallery" Tamahere, Hamilton. And, "Quay Gallery" Napier. I removed my work from "The Art Lounge" Tauranga.

Supporting Galleries:
  • 'Quay Gallery' Ahuriri , Napier

  • 'Inspirit Gallery' Tamahere, Hamilton

  • Wallace Trust, Pah Homestead, Gallery shop, Hillsborough Road, Auckland.

  • Home studio, 9A Grace Road, Tauranga. Appointment only.

  • International Galleries:

  • 'Il Collezionista' Galleria' Barberini, Rome, Italy

  • The 'Domain Art Gallery", Leipzig, Germany

    • 2016, July/August. New Zealand Society of Potter annual Exhibition.

      2014 October, 'Walk On the Wildside' Solo Exhibition - 'Inspirit Gallery' Hamilton

    • 2014 March/April, International Exhibition in The 'Il Collezionista Galleria' in Rome, Italy

    • 2013 September,The International Comtemporary Masters Exhibition, in Southern Navada, USA.

    • 2013 December - Joint Christmas Exhibition. Quay Gallery, Napier.

    • 2011 August,'Quay Gallery' Napier. "Changing Seasons" Solo Painting & Ceramic.

    • 2002 March, 'Ascension Vineyard' Matakana. "Dreams In The Making" Solo Painting.

    • 2000 March, 'Auckland Hospital Oncology Centre'. "To Help the Healing" Solo Mixed Media Charity exhibition.

    • 1998 September 'Howick Cottage' Howick Historical Village, Auckland. "Reflections" Solo Painting.

    • 1991 May, 'Garlands', Remuera, Auckland."Houses & Dragons" Solo Ceramic,

    • 1984 'Gallery Vertu' Napier. Ceramic & Painting, with water-colourist, Nicky Waters.

    • 1984 September Gallery 242, Hastings. Ceramic & Textile, with Textile artist, Monika Schaer Vance.

      NB. Participated in group exhibitions. One of many, the NZSP 2011 Annual Exhibition, "Big Smoke" in Auckland.

    • Publications:
      International Contemporary Masters, Vol 7.

      International Contemporary Artists,Vol VII.

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